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While we love the minimalist interface of Ghost, we’ve gotten some reader feedback that it can be a little too minimalist, particularly when it comes to things like updating expired credit cards. The actual process of this is easy, and hidden in plain sight for reasons we’re sure seemed good at the time:

Log into the site and look for the button. Bottom right. It will either be that cobalt blue, or display your Ghost avatar, if you have one. 

(If you’re logged out of the site, this may maddeningly appear as a blue button reading “Subscribe,” but once you click that, you’ll be taken to a page that has an “Already a member? Sign In” link at the bottom. Click that to grab your login link.) 

Once you’re logged into the site, click that bottom right button. You should get a popup window that looks like this:

HERE’S WHAT EACH OF THOSE FOUR OPTIONS DO. This is a little bit weird, but this is how Ghost does its thing, so take heart, we’re all in it together: 

FIRST LINK: Change the email address where you receive the newsletter and any necessary billing communications from us. 

SECOND LINK: Change your plan from monthly to yearly or vice versa, OR click the “Cancel subscription” link to quit us entirely. (This is different from the fourth link, which we’ll get to.)

THIRD LINK: Takes you to Stripe, our payment processor, to update your credit card on file. 

FOURTH LINK: This one has tripped a couple people up. Toggling the “email newsletter” switch only stops/starts the newsletter coming to you as an email. It doesn’t affect your subscription in any way. If you’d rather not get your Ch6 content via email, if you’d prefer to login to the site once a week and read what’s new on your own, this is the button for you. If you’re trying to end your membership altogether, you want that second link instead. 

This may not be entirely intuitive to some of you, and as ADHD-addled types, we respect and sympathize with that. If you run into trouble with any of these options, shoot one of us an email, and we’ll walk you through it.