About Channel 6

Channel 6 is a storytelling portal produced by Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson.

Spencer founded the landmark college football site Every Day Should Be Saturday in 2005, where his opening-day essays on everything from the history of the American buffalo to the inborn hypocrisy of amateurism in college sports sit shoulder-to-shoulder with meditations on the majesty of Popeyes Chicken. He served for a decade in multiple editorial leadership roles for Vox Media's SB Nation, where he anchored the limited audio series It Seemed Smart, authored Longform.org selections “Zero to Mandalay” and “The Istanbul Derby” (also recognized by Longform in 2014 for Best Travel Writing), and was nominated for the 2017 Dan Jenkins Medal for Excellence in Sportswriting for his essay, "Do you really want to know what it takes to beat Alabama?"

Following his tenure at SBN, Spencer co-founded the experimental college football community Banner Society and co-hosted three seasons of the SEC Network's Thinking Out Loud. While on furlough in 2020, during the early months of the pandemic, he co-authored the cult sports history classic The Sinful Seven.

In addition to his work at Channel 6, Spencer currently co-hosts the inexplicably popular college football podcast Shutdown Fullcast, hosts the ESPN digital series Big Dumb Football, and serves as a commentator on ESPN's Formula One racing and NFL Draft broadcast teams. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with two increasingly feral sons.

Holly first fell backwards into sports journalism as co-pilot of Every Day Should Be Saturday in 2007, and quit her "day job" at a Santa Monica post-production house in 2008 to write full-time. She later became SB Nation's first college football editor and the founding author of Sports Illustrated’s college football blog Campus Union, and covered Rose Bowls, lumberjack games, and rattlesnake rodeos for ESPN’s Grantland, where she authored the Longform.org selection “Meet a Florida Man”. Her essays, photography, and reporting on sports and Americana, ranging from oceanfront raves to all-night road races, have appeared in Sports Illustrated, NBC Digital, The Golfer's Journal, ESPN.com, Shondaland, Epic Magazine, Road & Track, and elsewhere.

From 2015 to 2017, Holly produced election coverage across multiple platforms as director of MTV’s political newsdesk, where she also hosted and directed weekly newsmagazine podcast The Stakes, as well as serving as a writer and executive producer of MTV's live election night television special. Following a return to sports as executive editor of Banner Society, she co-hosted and executive produced the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff podcast Ground Game and served a stint on Vox.com's politics and policy desk as a special projects editor.

In addition to her work at Channel 6, Holly currently appears as a combination co-host and porch cat on the Shutdown Fullcast, steers the team behind the annual EDSBS Charity Bowl, and serves as a volunteer driver for the American Coonhound Rescue Society. She lives in Atlanta with two rescued hounds of her own, two black cats, and a garden full of poisonous plants.